Regulatory Affairs Xperts

What happens before and after you clear the border has become an integral part of the relationship between an importer and a customs broker. Regulatory Affairs is about the regulations and what you need to minimize your exposure to risk.

Customs compliance is not an option but a must and it is not a matter of “if” you get audited but rather it is “when” you get audited. As CBP and CBSA have moved towards electronic communications the ability to enforce “Reason to Believe” has become more prominent today than when it was first introduced. As part of enforcement, CBSA has increased their number of desk audits and importer monitoring and CBP has continued to enforce compliance through issuing CF28’s and CF29’s for non-compliance/negligence.

Expert’s Regulatory Affairs department is focused on advocacy and informed compliance through active participation in the Customs, logistics and trade industries. We take a proactive role at ensuring that we are industry specialists not just within “Customs” but also the industries that we serve. We pride ourselves on having the ability to see the grey in legislation which provides us a stronger voice in audits, advance rulings and import limitations on specific commodities. Expert takes ownership of the processes, programs, and initiatives that are put forward in our industry by ensuring that we not only have a voice but a seat at the table.