Expert Academy of Learning

All that customs garble made easy through Expert’s Academy of Learning (AOL).

The language of Customs is unique and without boundaries and by far has more acronyms than most other industries. The Customs industry is fast paced and it is difficult to keep up but also understand all things customs. That is where Expert Academy of Learning (AOL) can help.

The AOL is industry-based training that includes Expert Alerts, FAQ, webinar options, training documentation and unlimited information. The AOL has links to industry and government sites for ease of finding things but also to help you learn and understand our industry more at the touch of a mouse. Additionally, Expert has developed training solutions that are designed to support your workforce through customized training documentation, webinars, and live training sessions.

Included in the AOL is the Terms, Forms, and Acronym (TFA) section that allows you to search keywords, acronyms, program names, forms, or industry lingo and give you the snippet of what they mean. The AOL will help you understand an issue, transportation, or the customs industry in general. If it is information you want, the AOL will have it.