Customs Compliance Xperts

CBSA not only expects but requires compliance at time of release which means the processing of your customs entry must receive the attention it deserves at the time of crossing by qualified and informed staff.

As the border becomes more electronic so has the visibility of data within CBSA & CBP which requires that customs compliance happens at time of release.   Expert’s Customs Compliance Xperts are our trained team members that focus on the import requirements at time of release by ensuring tariff and OGD requirements are assessed and applied correctly.  Expert ensures that all staff go through enhanced training to obtain not only industry certification but also internal certification for compliance.  Expert takes a proactive approach to Customs compliance as it must happen as we process entries by ensuring that we have professional, knowledgeable and efficient staff 24/7.  Customs compliance starts when we receive your notification of release and does not stop until the entry is confirmed.